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It is not by chance that you have arrived here. Perhaps you are restless or lovelorn; perhaps you are a seeker of Light, Truth, and Love. Regardless of the circumstances, here you are - ready to make positive and empowering changes in your life. 

For those who have lost their way, and for those who are embarking upon a journey into the unknown - it is here that you can embrace your Destiny. With Faith and the Pure Love and Light of The Divine within, I will guide you to the attainment of your spiritual goals and aspirations. At Eye of Destiny we are honored to provide Straightforward and Accurate Psychic Readings, Tarot readings, and Esoteric Life Coaching. For those Souls who desire energetic healing of Body & Mind, we also offer Distance Reiki and Crystal/Gemstone Supported Energy Healing sessions. I am a Reiki Master Healer, attuned in the Usui Reiki method. 

  • Lost Love 
  • New Love
  • Career
  • Negative Energy Blockages
  • Psychic Attacks/Psychic Defense
  • Guided Meditations
  • Crystal Energy Healing 
  • Reiki
  • Esoteric Life Coaching

Erzulie Queen of Disks
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