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Here you will find miscellaneous happenings and tidbits for your delight and perusal. I will discuss Spellwork, Spirituality, Self-Empowerment, and whatever else I fancy will be of service to the Universe.

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Witches Night Out Navy Pier October 2018

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Cut and Clear your way to Positivity and Know Your Worth

Posted on June 29, 2014 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (2)

It is with a heavy heart and sense of disappointment that I am writing this article. Unfortunately, it is a part of life that we must all deal with at some point. Certainly we have all had experiences with people, situations, or circumstances that seemed to be going either nowhere or downhill fast in our lives. For whatever reason we have simply held on knowing that something needed to be done, yet making no move to change. This could be love relationships, friendships, career, or any other number of things. We become stagnant, complacent, resentful; even angry or vindictive at times. Often, there have been many signs relating to the situation at hand and the need for change. Still we hold on; hoping for the best yet intuitively feeling that something just isn't quite right.

It is not wrong that we change as people. When you feel that these situations are hindering your growth as a person, or even oppressing you in some way it is time to let them go. Things change, people change; sometimes for the best and sometimes not so much.

When we become trapped in negative thinking, we cannot help but project such thoughts and beliefs onto others. When we fear we have nothing to offer the world, we become lost souls; engulfed in a seemingly never ending cycle of misery. Sometimes falling so far into the abyss as to completely turn away from the light of LOVE and LIFE. We turn on ourselves, which results in us turning on others who truly love and care about our well-being. People who are trapped in this state of negativity often blame others, engage in constant fault-finding, and harmfully direct their dissatisfaction with their own lives onto others.

We are responsible for our own happiness. We are responsible for creating the Destiny of Ourselves. Our thoughts are made Manifest as Reality. I choose to adapt to change, to have faith in myself, and to spread positive love and light to all I come in contact with. I choose to manifest an abundance of Love, Spiritual Wealth, Wisdom, Good Health, and the Will to create that which I most desire.

We all have this ability within. We cannot judge, envy, or discourage each others method of attaining whatever level of enlightenment we choose. You too have the power to live an abundant life, no matter the problems, issues, or circumstances in which you live. Expand your view. Look at your life in contrast to the lives of others who are truly suffering in the world. Humble yourself, be grateful for all that you have, all that you have achieved, and all of the blessings that have been bestowed upon you. You are alive, in and of itself a miracle. There is no one like you; you are an Original.

Take responsibility for your own actions. Know that every negative thought creates another. When you find yourself wondering how you got where you are, examine yourself, not your surroundings. Do not place the blame on others. You still have the power to create a more positive existence, it is always there. All you have to do is believe.

I am not responsible for your happiness, nor you for mine. If I am unhappy, how can I even dream of creating happiness for someone else? If you have someone in your life who is always pointing fingers, judging, avoiding personal accountability, and is just overall miserable it is time to consider leaving that person alone. There comes a certain point when you have done all you can, and the only choice you have is to walk away. Perhaps this person will find your decision unacceptable, and will create ways to cause havoc and upheaval in your life because at that point, it's all they know. You owe it to yourself to keep on walking. Don't look back. These people need to take a good hard look at themselves and realize just what they have lost; A true friend, a true love, a trusted colleague...please realize that it's not your fault. There is no need for guilt, you have grown as a person and that is cause to celebrate. Some people choose to remain in a self-created hell and would love nothing more than to hold you there with them. Remember, you don't have to stay, WALK AWAY.

I know what I deserve. Do you? Think about it. I'm happy and always will be. I'm that way because I choose to be!


"Troubled" a Poem about Faith

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Troubled soul, unseeing eyes; blinded by a fool's disguise.

Searching for Heaven, I traveled to Hell; heart filled with a sorrow I could not dispel.

I drift among Stars, through the Earth and the Sea; searching for answers, seeking the key.

Asleep all along, I dreamed of the dead; shrouded in shadow and clouded with dread.

In dreams I remember the places I've been; covered in Mystery, carried by Wind.

I visit Desire, and sit down with Sin; Temptation arrives, and Guilt wanders in.

On this steep journey, I lost my way; tongues wagging with Greed as they beg me to stay.

My steps are now guided, I travel with Love; I was never alone, only watched from above.

Renewed in my Faith, watch as I rise; through ashes and brimstone, immune to the lies.

Slain are the Demons that troubled my past; gone is the misery, my heart freed at last.

I cannot take credit, I've not fought on my own; through every battle I've not been alone.

She carries me faithfully, She steadies my hand; alive and unbroken She strengthened my stand.

She's loved me forever, She won the war; it is finally over, soul troubled no more.

But But But...!

Posted on July 12, 2012 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

The other day I was driving and I had one of those epiphanies that I often experience and then forget. This one stuck with me. It's about the word "but."


We all use it frequently. Yet, I do not believe that any of us stop to think of the implications of this word. For example, "I do love you, but..." or "I appreciate the work that you did, but..." When we use this word, it actually contradicts the positive aspects of the initial statement. In fact, it indicates that we are not being truthful. If indeed we were satisfied, we would not need the "but." Usually what comes after this word is hurtful and disappointing to us. The former part of the sentence builds us up and increases our spirit, and then it comes crashing down when the "but" shows up. In essence, it's like repeated mini heart breaks, and over time makes us doubt ourselves, our abilities, and our capabilities.


Use of this word "but" has become habit. We say it, without realizing how we feel when it is said to us. It's a word of limitation, of dishonesty, and of excuses. Of course there are instances where it does apply, but not nearly as often as it is spoken.


It is my belief, that we need to focus harder on the implications of the harmful things that we say. The words we speak manifest themselves into creation whether it is our intention or not. In order for us to live the most authentic lives possible, we need to choose our words wisely. Words have immeasurable power. They can lift one up to the heavens, while also plunging one into the depths of hell. They can create as well as destroy.


Now we have to consciously choose our words. We have to make it a point to THINK ABOUT WHAT WE SAY, WHAT WE MEAN, AND HOW WE SAY IT.


If you are not satisfied, say you are not satisfied. Do not leave the door open for even more dissatisfaction to occur by not being honest with yourself and others. But = Dissatisfaction. Try replacing the word "but" with the word "and." It is going to completely change the way you think about and say things. It will change the way you relate to others. It will change the way you feel about yourself. It feels good to speak from an authentic place instead of from a place of doubt and uncertainty. It's wonderful to release others from the same doubt and uncertainty! By using "and," we essentially force ourselves to rethink our opinions, our ideas, and our emotions. Are we speaking out of anger? Out of frustration? Out of sadness or desperation? What is it that we are truly trying to say, what is the real point? This one tiny little word causes so much confusion. It's time to eliminate it wherever and whenever we can.