Eye of Destiny


I initially met Reina in late October of 2016. She was a guest on a radio show I was co-hosting. After the show was over, she asked me if I wanted to do get a reading and I gladly accepted. As we begin the reading, she inquired as to what questions I may have had. I was very interested in learning more about where my career was headed—as I had been feeling a bit lost. Reina pulled a few cards and begin the reading. About half-way through, out of no where, she suddenly paused and asked me if I were trying to conceive a child. Of course this question caught me off guard! Although, I secretly had been trying to get pregnant, this was not something I had shared with anyone. She then proceeded to tell me I was going to get pregnant within the next year and that I would give birth to a son. Well, fast-forward, exactly one year later, I am pregnant and expecting a boy in Jan. of 2018! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Reina. Not only is she truly gifted, but in my experience she really cares about her clients and wants to offer her wisdom and truth as she helps you to navigate and answer some of life’s most deep and complex questions. I did return to her for a second reading and will continue to use her services, when need be. I suggest you do the same!
~Malissa W., DMV

Had good reading with her... Was very kind and to the point.
pandoy, new west

OMG this is the most amazing reading I have ever encountered. This lady is amazingly accurate and I will certainly take your advise. I look forward to the follow up reading. Thank you!!
corvettime02, over seas

Awesome reading she was dead on, we where so in tune .. great cards... love her
kball1974, ohio

Absolutely wonderful advise thank you
corvettime02, over seas

This is a compassionate, wonderful person, who provides true insights and is willing to go beyond the normal reading to help you. She was accurate, friendly, above all kind and understanding. She is the real deal, and a very decent human being.
curi333, Connecticut

Very on point with certain things (which surprised me!), I will have another reading with her again, Highly recommended!
Riri, Pasadena, MD

Well what do i can i say about my darling... Actually what can i not say?! She is without a doubt a blessing unto each individual who has the grace of meeting her, She is truly gifted, in every sense of the word, she sees things, its undeniable, shes compassionate, and most importantly she knowsss what shes talking about! She is honest no matter what, and in today's world, that's of great importance. Her energy radiates outward and i know that shes been placed upon my path for a reason.
Stephanie , Long island

Thank you, very lovely reading. She was straight to the point and knew all my situation. I will be back for another reading :) Thanks again, see you soon!
isaale, arizona

She is so amazing. I felt like I was talking to one of my girlfriends. She was right on the money. Can't wait to see her visions to manifest.
empresstigris, florida

She's good :) I love her!
justchary1, perth

She is so on spot and wonderful reader! Love her! You will not regret a reading from her. If you want the real thing she is it!
thedawnof, Wisconsin

Very kind, gentle, and knows how to break your situation down perfectly.
lightinside, coral springs

She is amazing, fantastic reading and great guidance. A must try for all...
Anniekins, cali

Great reading, she tells you the way it is.
bellea, florida

She is very good, oh yeah she is good. It was a great reading. very true reading. I will remember what she said to me. I will take care of myself. just love her. great reading. I will recommend her to others.
MrsChung1, brooklyn

It was like she knew me without meeting me. She was bang on. Very open and honest and gave very good advice. Highly recommended.
aabyqf, ottawa

Very true, positive, indepth reading. absolutely love my time with you.this reading helped me make up my mind on things as I had very good clarity and explanation from you. thanks.
kemofos2, birmingham

I DONT know how to say this.... Erzulle is very very sensitive and very gifted,she felt what i was feeling,very understanding, she was to the point, did not waste my credits.. Highly recommend her.. I give her 5 stars... I will be back to see her soon......ERIC........:)
low_rider4, las vegas

She was really great help! She was able to tell which chakras were blocked and guide me through meditation. After meditation and a few other readings I felt lighter, more secure, and now know how I can improve my situation!
moriah, usa

ErzulieDantor is one of the best readers ive meet. She is 100% legit. She tells everything you need to know. She gets straight to the point. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
1285597, springfield